What We Have To Offer

Our wide range of services include:

  • All types of lead flashing
  • Cast iron fall pipes and guttering
  • Church spires
  • Flat & pitched roofs with solid wood core/hollow rolls
  • Lead burning
  • Lead dormers
  • Lead welted cladding
  • Lead fall pipes and hopper heads
  • Lead castings and mouldings
  • Parapet gutters
  • Repair and restoration

Consultation services

  • Design & restoration work

CURE IT GRP Waterproof System

  • 20 year guarantee from the manufacturer
  • 20 year guarantee from the installer
  • Fire certificate (resistant to BS476-3:2004 EXT.F.A.B)
  • Made from specially formulated roofing resins and topcoats designed for roofing applications
  • Superb appearance - available in a choice of three standard colours
  • Two non-slip options
  • Can be used for almost any application regardless of size or complexity
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Good environmental programme
  • High security - cannot be cut with a knife
  • Cold applied - free of the risks associated with 'hot works'
  • Maintenance free
  • Fully bonded without seams, joints or welds
  • Easy to repair in the unlikely event it is damaged
  • Proven pedigree as a waterproofing material with the potential to last the lifetime of the building
  • Completely U.V. resistant
  • Can be used to convert an existing flat roof for use as a balcony, green roof or roof garden
  • Will withstand foot traffic as standard
  • Can be specified to withstand heavy, frequent foot traffic for walkways/balconies

All work is fully guaranteed and we are fully committed to upholding our company's standards of excellence.